Our centre attempts to provide learning environment for your child that
enhances his or her level of development. Through play experiences and
guidance of specially trained staff your child will be exposed to situations
that will stimulate:

1. Curiosity, initiative, and independence

2. Self-esteem and decision-making capabilities

3. Interaction with, and respect for others

4. Physical activity that develops gross-motor skills

5. Communication skills

6. Fine-motor development      

In order for children to learn at their maximum potential their environment
must give them a sense of comfort and security. Busy Bees strives to
maintain a family atmosphere at all times in order to put children at ease
while in our care. Children will receive lots of hugs and attention if
they are feeling lonely or upset.


Every Child is Unique

We believe in the integration of all children in the same environment that all children are
special and unique in their own ways.

We believe that children learn as they play and explore with props in the environment that
when they use real materials, equipment and utensils during play, they are able to
experience and understand how things work in real life.

We also believe that children’s needs and interests should be put into consideration
when planning the curriculum.

We believe in planning and implementing individual programs for children so teachers
should be able to observe, assess and evaluate the children on an on -going basis, they
should be able to record what the children do with the materials provided for play.

We believe in the participation of parents and involvement of parents in the child’s

We believe that there should be a balance between teacher-directed and child - directed
activities. Children are allowed to contribute in the planning of the activities. The
environment should be organized to afford easy movement; materials placed at the child’
s eye level and properly labeled for easy identification and tidy up.

We believe in positive guidance of children rather than using punishment. For
punishment instills fears and resentment in children.
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