What Is a P3 Form in Kenya

You can get a police form at any time by downloading it from the official website of the Kenyan Police. In all cases, the law requires that you submit a completed Police Summary Form for the loss of IDENTIFICATION before you can renew your lost ID. 4. Depending on your needs, you can download the desired form. All cases involving minors or children in the closet for eighteen years must end up in court. Once a p3 form is completed, it becomes forensic evidence. A police surgeon is essentially a clinician or forensic pathologist. In Kenya, this is a doctor who works for the police in police practice, takes care of the wounded alive, analyzes and documents the injuries on the relevant documents, in this case the P3 form. Police surgeons also take samples and assess, among other things, the psychological state of suspects.

After completing the forms, these clinicians are then required to testify in court as experts. Each completed P3 form therefore represents a potential legal process. Survivors of traffic accidents would have filled out P3 forms in their quest for justice and compensation. The tool documents all forms of violation that may be the subject of legal proceedings. It is a medico-legal instrument; As such, it can be used by police, doctors or even in court. 3. You will then receive a number of summaries to choose from. These include the abstract accident form, the P3 form and the general abstract form. It is clearly stated that a licensed physician or physician may complete the form. This also applies to dentists and clinicians. In the case of crimes, it is the government doctors who must fill out the form. The result depends on the case that caused the need for the P3 form.

In short, anyone who is a victim of violence is a candidate to fill out a P3 form. Domestic violence e.B. spousal violence, mob violence, violent robbery or even injury after disagreements fall into this category. The above information is a very brief summary of the P3 form. I hope he has clarified some areas that have created confusion. For a better understanding of police surgery and P3 click on this VIDEO CLIP. There is only one police operation in Kenya, which is located in the former traffic headquarters in the Nairobi area of Nairobi. This is a clinic where victims of violence are screened and then the P3 form is completed. This is NOT where the operations are performed.

In this context, the term “surgery” refers to a somewhat colonial term that refers to “clinical” or “prevention”. What are the results after filling out a P3 form Note: Some police stations usually have their own abstract forms, although they may tell you that you have to pay the printing fee. Anyone who suffers an injury that could end up in court can accept a P3 form. The categories of people who are eligible to have a P3 form include: A P3 form should be free. However, doctors charge up to 2000 shillings. This is intended to cover transportation and other logistical costs for court appointments. Most health professionals do not complete P3 forms because it is not practical to have to go to court in addition to other clinical tasks. Over the past year, I have worked intensively with various sectors and professionals involved in the management and treatment of violent cases and, most importantly, with victims of various attacks. One thing has become very clear, a majority of people have little or no idea about medico-legal issues, writing medico-legal reports and, worse, their rights. Everyone assumes that these things never affect them or are never necessary by them. It will always be someone else who needs a P3 form or who knows how to report rape or how to keep children or God protect Himself. 5.

You must then fill in the details and send them back to a police station that you are absolutely close to. Note: Some police stations usually have their own abstract forms, although they may tell you that you have to pay the printing fee. Note that for rape cases, a Post-Rape Care Form (PRC) must be completed. This PRC form is required before the P3 can be completed. In short, all cases involving children under the age of eighteen must be brought before the courts. All criminal cases in which a P3 form has been completed must also be dealt with in court. The Police Commander (SCO) must sign and stamp the completed form and an official receipt issued. He said the police officers who sign the forms are overwhelmed, as they have to see more than 60 patients a day who plan to testify in court. NOTHING!!! ZERO! ZERO! It is a free service.

However, due to the occasional lack of resources, one may be asked to pay for a photocopy, and others may have to pay a fee in hospitals to meet needs that arise after completing the P3 form. This remains a controversial issue that is currently under consideration. In a letter to all health directors in the county, Director of Medical Services Jackson Kioko said P3 forms must be completed by clinicians who examine and treat patients. It is the duty of the paramedic to determine the degree of injury sustained and the details of Form A P3 are a Kenyan Police Medical Report form used by the police. Simply put, form P3 serves as evidence that an act of violence has occurred and is therefore referred to in court as “evidence.” Form P3 must be treated as proof at all times. Sexual assault cases must ensure that a Post-Rape Care (PRC) form is completed before completing the P3 form. This PRC form is a document from the Ministry of Health that is found, completed and stored in medical facilities. P3 is an abbreviation in terms of police, which is completely “The Kenya Police Service Medical Examination Report”. The P3 form is a document that is used to capture the details and circumstances of an injury inflicted on someone. People lose similar characteristics every day. For one reason or another, some people don`t know that you can actually choose an abstract form for the loss of property. READ: Doctors in public hospitals can sign P3 forms Now you don`t have to go all the way to the police station to get an abstract form, you can simply print one online and then take it to the police station to report your incident or accident.

A P3 form is used to request a medical examination by a medical officer of health to determine the type and extent of bodily harm suffered by one or more complainants in the event of bodily harm. Survivors of wildlife conflicts should have P3 forms completed to document their injuries. A snakebite victim or who has been maimed by a lion or crocodile will also need it to receive compensation from the Kenya Wildlife Service. Victims of violence report either first to police stations, then to the hospital, or first to hospitals and then to the police station, usually depending on the degree of injury and/or safety. I recommend, whenever possible, visiting a hospital in front of police stations first to facilitate medical interventions and document the results. Victims need a medical report from the hospital before the P3 can be completed. Sexual assault cases must ensure that a Post-Rape Care (PRC) form is completed before completing the P3 form. This PRC form is a document from the Ministry of Health that is found, completed and stored in medical facilities. There was a time when the process of obtaining an abstract and a P3 form was a bit complex given the importance of documents. Part 2 is completed by a licensed physician, such as .B. a physician, clinical agent or dentist who can complete a P3. Only physicians in state practice are allowed to complete the form.

Fast forward to today and the Kenyan police have facilitated access to these forms online and free of charge. So here we go. Frequently asked questions about the P3 form, police surgery and police surgeons have responded. The P3 form can be obtained from a police station or an Internet cafรฉ. Alternatively, you can download it from the Kenyan Police website, which bears the link www.kenyapolice.go.ke> documents and prints them. (Many parents report sexual assault and think they can extort money from the accused and/or settle the case amicably, but they are shocked when a trial goes on.

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