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by shane769b | March 19, 2018 11:51 pm


What kind of program do you have?

Our program is designed to meet the needs of all families and their children.

Can I drop by any time?

We are always happy to see new parents. But if you require a tour we prefer if parents call so that a tour can be arranged.

Do you have subsidy with the Region?

Yes we do.

What Age Do Accept Children?

We take children at 15 months to 12 years

Do you have Cameras at the Centre

We do not have cameras in class room. There has never been a need in 26 years.

Do you provide food

Yes we provide all the food to the children, Parents are requested not to bring any food outside into the Centre due to allergy Concerns of some childres

What are your rates

Rate are different for each age group. Please call the centre to get the right rates

When will child be ready to start toilet learning ?

• The child knows he/she is “ going to the bathroom”
• The child tell you that he/she needs to go
• The child can take down and pull up pants
• The child can understand simple instructions.
• The child wakes up with a dry diaper
• The child can stand up and sit down by himself/herself
• The child shows that he/she wants to please the parents

You can help your child learn about using the toilet by

• Teaching the child to know he/she is “going”
• Teaching the child words that everyone can understand such as pee pee, B M, poop.
• Giving the child a potty
• Letting the child try to dress and undress himself/herself
• Reading the child a story book about toilet learning

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