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by busybees-Site | October 24, 2017 12:03 am


Your journey in finding the best daycare for your child begins and ends with, asking questions.  If the owner of the daycare is involved in the daily operation of the daycare, take the time to ask questions.  Your child’s care and safety is at stake, ask questions.  You will find that best daycare centers fill up fast.  Take you time and explore the daycare Center.  Please do not judge the daycare centers by the physical location (some are located in Church’s, commercial areas) some of the best daycare centers are located in not so popular areas as far as the Elite standards, do not restrict yourself, have an open mind.  The distance of the daycare to your home should be considered.  You might prefer a daycare walking distance to your home.  If the quality of the Daycare center out ways the distance of the center then you will have to choose wisely


The atmosphere of the daycare center has to have a sense of a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  Ask the center for some numbers of current clients for reference.  Pay close attention to the facial expressions of the children in the center , do they seem happy and content.  What we as adults  use as a measurement of fun is often not even close to how the child feels about the surroundings. Pay very close attention to the staff in the center, do you feel comfortable leaving your most precious treasure with them?  We live in a world full of diversity and different ethnic  backgrounds, the same diversities that your child will have to learn and understand to be able to succeed in life.  Lets not judge so we do not get judged, keep an open mind, see past the color or the ethnicity of the staff.  Your first impressions are crucial, but do ask questions and get the full picture before you close the door to that daycare center.


The center should be able to supply written policy,  rules of the Daycare center. The Daycare center should be able to supply clear instructions in the drop off and pick up of your child.  Security is a question that should be a priority on your list, whats their policy if an emergency does occur affecting  safety of the children inside the building (lock downs steps).  find out the daycare centers policy when it comes to the child’s illness, which Illness will keep your child at home, the steps if your child does become Ill at the Daycare center.  The Daycare centers policy could be very severe  according to your standards.  Please do keep in mind, keeping sick children and staff away from your child makes perfect sense..  What are the centers rules on immunization, and regular check ups for the Children, is this something you will be comfortable with if you decide to enroll your child. Find out about the meals and  snacks provided for your child.  pay close attention to their government issued licenses, make sure they are licensed by the Ontario Ministry.

Keep Looking

If you find that the daycare center is hiding something, or redirecting your questions in a direction that has no answers, walk away and keep looking.  If daycare center does not give permit you to accompany your child in future field trips, keep looking.  If the Daycare center shows not organized structure, very disorganized, walk away.  The Daycare center should help in the educational development of your child, with variety of simulations, these are crucial years for your child, provide them with joy, happiness and a lasting memory.


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