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Why choose Busy Bees when looking for a career in

Employment At Busy Bees[1]

Employment At Busy Bees

Put simply, Busy Bees has it’s roots firmly embedded with a
feeling of belonging to a family business, one which was created
by a mother of two children that wanted to provide the best
childcare solutions available.

It may sound cliche but when you work for Busy Bees you can’t
help but feel that you are working for one big happy family.

The company has strong beliefs in both offering equal opportunity
to all of its employees, Investing in people and recognizing its staff
as it’s leading resource.

Busy Bees provide top quality[2] support and training for all of it’s
staff on a continual basis, helping to improve their own technical
and organisational skills and thus providing the kind of overall
service that every parent looks for when seeking out a place of
security and trust to send the most important thing in their lives,
their children.
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Busy Bees Child Care
168 Kennedy Rd. South
Brampton, ON L6W-3G6
Ph: 905-454-7676, Email: busybees002@outlook.com

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