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Services Provided By Busy Bees[1]

  Services Provided By Busy Bees

 We respect the various languages and culture within our community. Family dynamics are made up of  different combinations of individuals. We proudly display family photos within the centre to help the children feel pride in their heritage.  We try to connect new children and families with individuals who speak their language to help them to communicate and feel valued within the program. Conversations flow consistently throughout the day between the staff, parents, teachers and children (non-verbal cues if needed), peer to peer, and between families during various planned events.


Transportation is provided to local Schools.

Our Out of School Clubs cater for school age children, at the most critical times – during summer holidays, and after school.


For your children, the range of activities and meeting new friends ensures that children look forward to holidays     knowing that they will have a great time.

Every scheme is imaginative and novel and includes new and exciting activities to occupy, develop and entertain lively young minds. For example art and craft, kitchens for cooking  activities, sports activities, bowling, games and quizzes, movie theatre, team games, outside play and a quiet room for reading and work.


Busy Bees understands the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, particularly in the early stages of physical development for a child.

We have long recognized that for children to grow properly and have energy and vitality they need a healthy balanced diet which contains the right nutrients and as an organization we work towards supplying the children the governments recommended  five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

To this end Busy Bees employ a dedicated staff who works in a professionally equipped kitchen, her sole task each day to plan and prepare a choice of interesting menus containing quality fresh ingredients.  


Toddler (Honey Bees)

Preschool (Bumble Bees)

Kindergarten & School Age

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