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To Busy Staff:

We are sad to inform you that Jahmielah last day at Bees Busy will

Be on September 4th, 2015 .On behalf of Jahmielah and our family we would like to thank you for your amazing love and support.

Thanks everyone and we will miss you all.

Renetta Duke

Dear Busy Bees Staff

I would like to respectfully inform you that Jakob   will be transferred from you Daycare. As the new school year is fast approaching I needed to find a daycare closer to the school.

I have been extremely happy with the care you have provided Jakob and have noticed in the past couple of years his extraordinary progress in speech, and socializing. We both will miss Busy Bees very much and will never forget the wonderful experiences you have provided for both of us.


Jenny Casser


Busy Bees Daycare,

Please be advised that May 22 2015 RobHi Miriamin will no longer be enrolled/attending

Busy Bees. We will be moving out of the area. Kindly accept this letter as my notice.

Thank you to all of your staff for the great care you have taken of my son for the past year. Much appreciated, and all the best in the future.

Anne-Marie Melinte

Dear Miriam and Staff:

This letter is to inform you that Emily’s last day at Busy Bees will be August 28, 2015.The only reason that Emily is leaving is that she will be moving to Mississauga Monday Sept 31.

We sincerely appreciate the excellent job and effort that the Busy Bees Staff

Have showing toward my child’s education.

Thank you so much for being such an important people in Emily’s life.

Nelson Oviedo


To Busy Bees Childcare/ Miriam Tallia

Please accept this as my written notice, that Trevieon will be withdrawn from the program at Busy Bees as of August 22, 2015.

Trevieon will be starting Jk in a school that is outside the district Busy Bees falls within, so it is with mixed emotion that I give this notice. As I am very excited to Trevieon enter this new chapter, it is also hard to say good-bye to a wonder group of women that have had such a positive and profound impact on Trevieon’s development.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have been blessed with Treveion attending

your facility for the last 2 years. You all have truly become an extension of his family and will be missed dearly. The comfort in knowing that Trevieon was being cared for, as well as starting his educational path with such a caring and compassionate group of women who have treated my child like their own cannot be expressed in words. It does not go unrecognized that the emotional bonds that Trevieon’s has developed and been taught how to develop, as well the lessons learned at Busy Bees have not only played a large part in carving Trevieon into the child he is today; but will help serve as a foundation for continued positive growth and for that I am very grateful.

I have always strongly believed that it is a community that raises a child, and we are grateful to have been blessed to have had Busy Bees be part of that community, especially during a critical period of Trevieon development.

You have an amazing team at Busy Bees, and we wish you and everyone there only the best in all their futures.

Sincerely and with much love and gratitude

Tina and Trevieon xoxo

August 20,215


To Miriam and staff of Busy Bees Childcare

Dear Miriam and Staff,

This letter serves as notice that Joshua Achum will no longer be attending Busy Bees Childcare effective Monday September. 7th

Joshua’s last day with Busy Bees will be on Friday September 4, 2015 as he will be starting full day Kindergarten in public school.

I would like to personally thank the staff of Busy Bees for all of your help in preparing Joshua for school and teaching him over the last few years. He has enjoyed attending Busy Bees and will miss the staff and friends he has made.

I would not hesitate to recommend Busy Bees to anyone looking for childcare and appreciate all the care and assistance you have provided to both my sons. Daniel and Joshua.

Best wishes and thank you

Sheila Achum

Monday August 24, 2015-10-15


To Busy Bees childcare

This letter is to confirm to you that as of Sept 7th 2015 Zaire will no longer be attending Busy Bees Daycare. Please accept as our official 2 weeks’ notice.

I have been pleased with the level of care That Busy Bees has provided for Zaire. I’ve research many day care facilities within the area and selected yours because of your high-quality programs. Zaire has made many friends at your day care.

Thank you for talking excellent care of Zaire.


Keshia Smith



August 17, 2015

To Busy Bees Staff/ Miriam

Please be advised that Shavanni will be finishing her daycare attendance as of Sept 1 2015. She will be going to JK.

Thank you for all you have done for me and Shavanni. All of you have been a blessing in disguise.

Sincerely Lauren R.

Dear Miriam

You’re a really special person .Your love of life and people shines through in so many inspiring ways… and if anyone ever deserved the best in life it would be you.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do my placement, for all the support and guidance you and your staff have giving me.

To Busy Bees Staff

Hope you know how warmly you’re thought of and how much you’re appreciated for all that you do.

Thank you to all the Queen Busy Bees for taking care of my little bees

We will miss you all of you!


Jeanine, Daville and Natasha

To Busy Bees staff;

It’s hard to say good-bye to someone as nice as you. We would like to thank all of you for your love support & patience. It’s been almost 7 years- I remember bringing Nathan in on day one. Scary for both of us. However when I picked Nathan he was a happy boy. I left my most precious person in your care and have watched him grow & be nurtured. From having been in Rani’s class to Ranjit to Jennifer and all the support staff-he’s loved Busy Bees so much. We will both miss it. We wish all of you many happy healthy memories both personally & professionally.

As extra big thank-you to Miriam-thank you for all your care &nurture. Words cannot express our Gratitude. This is a hard moment for us you have been wonderful to us from Day 1-that was almost 7 years ago! Your support and genuine love and nurturing has meant a lot to us. Through happy times& hard times you have been wonderful. We appreciate the hard work & dedication you give to your daycare.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With love & gratitude always

Christina, Eugene and Nathan P.

To Busy Bees Staff;

The world needs more people like you, as thoughtful as you, for joy is a part of each nice thing you do. The kindness you share brightens so many days. Thank you for all of your wonderful ways. And most of all thank you for taking such a great care of my Catherine.

Chau Tran

Dear Miss Miriam and Busy Bees Staff:

We want to inform you that Merceds and Makela O will no longer require care at Busy Bees.

We want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you have given to our girls .Busy Bees has been

a second home for the girls for the last six years. We have ben very pleased and appreciative of all

the hard work and love that your staff have put in caring for them. Bees Busy has been there for us from Toddler

room to School Age. God bless you and keep up the great work that you do every day, We will miss you all!

Love Merecedes , Makela and Agnes Eguakun Aug 2016

Busy Bees is like a second home for me. Busy Bees is a fun yet unique day care you could ever go to.Being at Busy Bees for 6 years was incredible. I had lots of friends and got to meet all the wonderful teachers.I’m going to miss all the fun activites we did like bowling, Kiddy Land. We appreciate everything you have done for me and my sister makela. We are very much going to miss this place and all of you guys. I promise to visit you on PA days.
Thank you for everything Love Mercedes 12 years

Busy Bees has been an awsome and fun place since I have been there. The teachers are amazing and very kind. I have made lots of friends at Busy Bees I hope you will like it just as much as I liked it.The teachers made Busy Bees fell like a second home everyday. Miss Miriam taught us how to speak French that was fun.
Thank you for caring Love Makela 8 years
August 2016

August 23, 2016

To Miss Miriam and Teachers;
I have been at Busy Bees for 11 years.I have had a lot of fun at Busy Bees and I know all the teachers and children. I have enjoyed learning French from Miss Mriam. I have enjoyed all the field trips over the years. I am going to miss everyone at Busy Bees it has been my second home. I stared in the toddler room and moved all the way to School Age. All the teachers have been great.
Miss Miriam I know you for a long time you have been great to me all these years,I love you and I am going to miss your smile everyday. I am very sad to leave Busy Bees it has been such a great part of my life. Thank you for everything.
Love Serena age 12

August 11 2016

Dear Miss Miriam and Staff
We sadley inform you that this is our two week notice.We have found child care for Kemar closer to our home wich will make the mornin g so much more convenient for all of us. Miss Fatima and miss Jennifer were welcoming to our little one and were a great introduction for our son entering into child care.Miss Sharon was the right tough for the classroom an we knew it even during her placement. Our son has grown so attached to the staff and children within your childcare. Thank you for the extra hugs when there were tears, the extra hand holds when he was scared, and all the special attention you guys continually give our son. Your work has never been unoticed and was ALWAYS appreciated.
It hurts us to say goodbye,so in the words of Kemar ” SEE YOU SOOOOOON”
laToya, Kemar,and Kemar II.

August 17 2016
To Busy Bees Child Care Centre
I Shaniece Longley am writing to inform you that Jace and Jade A. last day at the centre will be Sept 2, 2016. I was a very difficult decision for us to make, to leave.However due to our recent move the distance has become challenging. I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratidude for the exceptional staff who works at your facility.We couldn’t be more thankful to have found such an amazing childcare establishment. Thanks again for your excellent services and alll the best to everyone!
Shaniece Longley

Hi Mariam,

Hope you are doing well.
I am emailing you to inform you that Elano will not be attending Busy Bees any longer.
We will be moving out of the region-
His last day will be November 4th, 2016.
its sad to go, with so many years and growth that Elano has been with.
Thank you for all you time, understanding, patience and especially love that you and your staff have shown over the past few years to Elano, Malakhei and myself.

Thank you.

Shantelle Stewart

To Miss Miriam
Please accept this letter as a two week notice for my son Jude. Jude will be attending
full day school, unfortunately we are out of your area. Thank you for the outstanding care Jude
received at Busy Bees over the last two years.
Jessica Watson

Hi Busy Bees,

Here is my notice to say that Jonas will be having his last day at your school on August 31st.

Thank you for giving Jonas a better care than I had ever expected.

Keep up your quality of care and love that you have showed my Jonas to all the children who come through your doors.

Special thanks to Ms Rani and Ms Fishana

Thankyou and best of regards.

Leslie Kurian

With Thanks for your Kindness

To an amazing supervisor and Co-operative supervisor. I am extremely grateful to you Miss Miriam and Miss Michele. Without you help it couldn’t have been possible for my son to achieve what he has learned from your daycare. I am so proud to recommend anyone to Busy Bee’s Daycare. Please continue the great work with making a difference in each child’s life. Our Family love & gives all the credit to the center supportive team and the excellent management skills.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to make Afraz a better child

Afraz’s Family

Hi Ms. Mariam,

My name is Deepika Sharma and I am Vedansh Jain’s mother. He is in the pre school program at Busy Bee Childcare.

Please consider this email as the formal notice of leaving Busy Bee for Vedansh. He shall be attending for next two weeks till 30th August, 2019. He starts his kindergarten this year and since his school is far from the daycare, we have no choice but to take him out.

I would also take this opportunity to thank you and your immensely caring and kind staff for taking care of our son since last one and half years and making our lives easy.

We wish you and everyone at Busy bee all the very best for future and a very happy end of the year.

Thank You
Deepika Sharma

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